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The Section Registration window provides dean’s office users with a management tool for student registration by course in roster format.

Note: section changes are most easily done using the Class Schedule maintenance window for each student, where the Chg function opens up the Section and Lab fields for simple editing. From Section Registration, the student must be dropped from one section and then manually added into the other.

  • The upper portion of the window lets the user control the functionality and appearance of the window. Section Registration rosters can be sorted by either student name or ID by clicking the appropriate radio buttons.
  • On cross-listed courses, the Section Registration roster will include all students enrolled (or waiting) in the Home course AND all of its Ident courses, and will sort all students alphabetically by name. To re-sort the roster by course number, check the Sort By Crs box.
  • Add a student to the course and section, or to the waitlist, by entering his/her ID/SSN in the upper left-hand corner, selecting the correct credit hour units and grading option (these may be fixed values, depending on how the course was set up in WUCRSL), and clicking the <Add Stdt button.
  • To enroll a waitlisted student, double-click on that student and use the ENROLL button that then appears in the upper portion of the window.
  • To highlight those students on the roster who are attending WU on an F1 student visa, click the Get Visa Types button. (Note: students with an F1 visa cannot be dropped below full-time status without permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars; these drops can only be done by the Office of the University Registrar.)
  • If a course section is being canceled, use the Drop All button to drop all enrolled and waitlisted students. Note: this must be done before the section can be deleted in WUCRSL.
  • If a course record in WUCRSL was created with an incorrect value in the course units field, the Chg Units button on the Section Registration roster allows a school registrar to change the credit hour units for all students in that section. Note: Correcting the units on the WUCRSL record will not change the units on those students’ records who are already enrolled in or waitlisted for that course.
  • To drop a student from the section, click the Drop button and choose the appropriate Drop Code. Drops with a W and an F are typically used when the course is dropped after the end of the drop/add period in that semester for that division; these drops will print on an official WU transcript. Drops with a D will not print on a transcript but will show in SIS as evidence that the student was enrolled in that class at one point. If the effective date of the drop is to be something other than the date on which the drop action is taken, the dean’s office can specify a Drop Date; both the specified/effective date of the drop and the actual system date of the drop action will be reflected on the drop record for that course. An Operator Delete should only be used to remove an erroneous registration. Clicking the Drop button on a waitlisted student will simply remove that student from the waitlist; no drop record will be maintained because the student was not enrolled in the course when the record was dropped.
  • To activate data entry fields for the Grading Option or Midterm and Final grade, click the appropriate checkboxes. (To avoid data entry errors and make tabbing more efficient, open only those data columns which are being used for the task at hand.)
  • Midterm and Final grades are typically entered into SIS during each grading period by the course instructor using EGrades, however midterm and final grades can also be entered manually on this window by the deans’ offices. Grade changes not allowed though EGrades (degree candidates, prior semesters, etc) require a Special Grade Report. The SGR form number must be referenced in SISAdmin whenever a grade change is recorded. Re-usable SGR numbers are available upon request from the Office of the University Registrar. Grade change documentation (either the blue copy of the Special Grade Report form or other documentation) must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Note: changes that result in a lowered grade for the student should be accompanied by an explanation from the course instructor and notification to the student.