Functions > Student Info > Academic Actions

Probations, suspensions, and similar actions taken by a dean’s office relative to the student’s academic performance may be recorded here. Each school defines its own rules as to which actions are entered onto a student’s record, and how long the notation remains on the student’s record.

Maintaining Data:

  • Use the Add or Insert a New Row button to create a record; select the appropriate Action from the drop-down list box.
  • The Comment field should be used to indicate the effective period of that Action or the date the Action was taken.
  • The Display on Transcript settings will default to ‘Yes’ on suspensions and expulsion, and to ‘No’ on probations but can be overridden by the dean’s office on a case by case basis. (NOTE: the ME transcript does not follow these rules; see documentation on the Milestones page in the Help wiki.)

Note : Use the Academic Actions Report to view either a history of all the academic actions an individual student has had or a listing of current (or all) students with a certain kind of academic action (probation, etc.).