Note: the Reports menu will vary by user according to that individual’s level of access in SISAdmin.

The following reports are in the Course Info report group:

  • Building Occupancy Roster
    • This report can produce lists of classes in a given building/room(s) as well as lists of students and faculty in those classes. Schedules (day and time) are detailed here. Select Semester, Sub-semester (All, Regular, special term), Campus/Area, Building, and Room to produce the list you need. A quick e-mail can be sent to large groups of the occupants selected. Campus Police, Facilities, The Teaching Center, departments, et al can use this report for emergency situations, building and room problems, etc.
  • Courses
    • This report lists courses offered by department for a given semester. Class meeting times, locations, and instructor name are displayed, as well as enrollment limits and current enrollment and waitlist information. Double-clicking on a course section from this list will drill down to a class roster for that section.
  • Dept Exam Schedule
    • Use this report to generate a list of courses by level with the scheduled day, date, time, and location of the final exam for each course section.
  • Grade Sheet
    • Use this report to review or proof midterm and final grades submitted for a particular course or section. All semesters of historical grades in SIS are accessible.
  • Processed Waitlists
    • This report generates a list of students who were enrolled into a given course by waitlist processing.
  • Roster
    • This is the class roster of all students enrolled in a particular course or section, including cross-listings.