Note: the Reports menu will vary by user according to that individual’s level of access in SISAdmin.

The following reports are in the School report group:

  • Advisors
    • This report lets you see a list of all advisors for a school; double-click to drill down to a list of advisees.
  • Degree Candidates Final Semester
    • This report was designed for the dean’s offices to assist with degree certification. It identifies by division those students who have a Degree Record in SIS for the semester selected, and lists the student’s courses and grades for that same semester. Grade information is displayed as soon as it is posted to the student’s record, whether by the instructor through EGrades or administratively. Late drops (W) are also displayed. Note: this report can easily be downloaded into another application using File-Save.
  • Departments by School
    • Use this report to generate a list of academic departments from which you can produce departmental address labels.
  • Grades Outstanding
    • This report provides the deans’ offices and academic departments with a list of those course sections for which either midterm or final grades have not yet been submitted. The Send Email tool on this report prepares an email note to the designated Course Grader in one or more selected sections.
  • Honors by Division
    • Use this report to generate a Dean’s List or Class Rank (Engineering) report for a given semester and division, or to review a buffer file of students who meet eligibility criteria for these before the SIS Honors records are created.
  • Students by Division
    • This report generates a list of all students with open MP’s in a specific division. Use the Semester Admitted field to identify students with specific MP Code admit terms. Click the Demographics Report button to include data from the students’ demographics record on citizenship, country code, visa, race, and interests.
  • Students in School
    • Use this report to generate a list of all students with open MP’s in a given school. Click the “Use Admin Codes” box to add Dean’s Flag data (or any of the other admin codes) to your report.
  • Undeclared Majors
    • Use this report to generate a list of those students who are undeclared majors in a given school. The report displays the student’s admit semester, prime division, prime/joint indicator to the undeclared school, degree date, and total units.
  • WUSTL Key Creation Status
    • This report shows students by their entry semester and allows an admin to see if they have activated their WUSTL key and displays that WUSTL Key. Users can search for one student or can retrieve a list of multiple student by searching by semester/school/division. This report has sortable columns.