Note: the Reports menu will vary by user according to that individual’s level of access in SISAdmin.

The following reports are in the Student Records report group:

  • Academic Actions Report
    • This report can be used to generate a list of all Academic Actions a student currently has or has had in the past (Student History), or generate a list of all students who currently have a particular type of Academic Action in their records. Use the Open MP select to see only the current students. A user selects from these options : Academic Actions (probation, etc.), Honors (Phi Beta Kappa, etc.), Milestones (Leave of Absence, etc.), Special Major Thesis Title, and Holds (Student Accounting, etc.).
  • Courses not in WUCRSL
    • This report assists the deans’ offices in identifying course registrations for which there is no corresponding course or section in wucrsl. Sections created in wucrsl with a Section Type other than “Section” will show up here, as well as those whose sections which were deleted before all students were dropped. Note: All courses and students appearing on this report probably need some clean-up work!!!
  • Degree Summary
    • The Degree Summary report generates a full list by student of all degrees, majors, minors, and certificates either conferred in a given semester (if the degree date has passed) or for which the student has filed an Intent to Graduate.
  • Pass Fail Report
    • Use this report to generate a list of those students in a given division who have taken one or more courses under the Pass Fail grading option in a specified term.
  • Student Search by Parent
    • If you need to identify a student and have only the name of the parent, use this report as a search tool. All or a portion of the parent’s name can be entered in the search box; remember that SISAdmin recognizes the % sign as a wildcard value in searching. Both non-custodial and custodial parent matches will be identified.
  • Transcript Fee Reconciliation
    • This report is available only to system administrators and is primarily used to reconcile the daily credit card activity as recorded on transcript orders in SIS with the CASHNet transactions shown on their daily report. (The daily ‘PIT-OSR’ group report is automatically sent to specific individuals in the Office of the University Registrar every morning by Vivian Eberhardt; contact Vivian to have staff added or removed from this distribution.)
    • To reconcile with CASHNet, choose the Daily Activity’ report and ‘Credit Card’ payment type. Using military time, enter payment dates for the desired date/time range typically a 24-hour period like on/after 01/29/2019 23:56:00 and before 01/30/2019 23:55:00 (this will select all payments received in SIS from a few minutes before midnight on a given day through a few minutes before midnight the next day, which typically aligns with the daily processing feed from CASHNet as reflected on their daily report); adjust as needed. On the report output, sort by CASHNet Receipt then manually compare the SIS list with the CASHNet list. Make note of any transactions that appear on one report but not the other and follow up as needed to resolve. These may include transcript orders where the CASHNet charge did not post into SIS, in which case we need to manually note the payment on that order and update its Payment Status to Approved. Other discrepancies will identify situations in which the student was charged twice for the same order, or charged for a duplicate order. To reverse an erroneous charge made by CASHNet, log into their site and process a refund; retain documentation of the refund which should appear on the next day’s reconciliation report. Any refunds we process through CASHNet will appear as credit transactions on their report but not on our report.