Functions > Admin Functions > Advisor Maintenance

Use the various display options to show current advisees, all advisees (former students), and to sort the list by name or ID.

  • From the list of advisors in a given school, the advisee list for an individual advisor can be retrieved and managed.
  • Add new advisees by entering ID/SSN in the upper left-hand corner, selecting the appropriate advisor relationship (Type), and clicking on Add Advisee.
  • Start and End dates pertain to the advisor-advisee relationship and default to the values shown; to use a different date, click in the date field on the advisee’s record and enter that date.
  • To terminate an advisee relationship effective today, simply click the ‘=’ button next to the End Date field.
  • To terminate all advisees for this advisor (e.g., someone goes on sabbatical), click the Close All Listed Advisees button.