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This window allows System Admins (only) to force Analyzer to run on demand.

Note: Be aware, that forcing Analyzer to run on a population of students during the day can be problematic and may cause SIS and many other applications and processes to lock up and/or shut down. It is best to let Analyzer run during its normal nightly cycle. Analyzer can always be forced to run for individual students from the GPA window in SISAdmin (by System Admins).

Analyzer is the process by which grade point averages (GPA), earned unit totals, and semester level are calculated by SIS. Analyzer rules vary by and are defined in SIS by each academic division. The student’s prime division determines which set of rules are applied when calculating GPA, cumulative unit totals, and semester level.

How to use the window:

1. Run Analyzer radio button group

  • Select Now to execute gpa calcution immediatly (after you click the SAVE button)
  • Select Tonight to submit students to be picked up by the nightly Analyzer process. Record will be inserted to the at_gpa_calculate table.

2. Enter ID’s By radio button group

  • List of students – Once selected, a List of Student ID’s box appears at the lower left corner of the window. Enter one or more student ID to be calculated.
  • Range of student ID’s – Once selected, two text boxes appears at the lower left corner of the window, enter the lower and upper ID range. All student within the range will be calculated.

3. Display of Results radio button group

  • Select whether to print the results.

4. Search students by

  • User can search for student ID by Name or SSN. Enter the name or SSN of the student, then click the Search button. Search result appears in the Matches box to the right. Click on the student you are looking for in the Matches box will insert the student ID into the List of Student ID’s box.

5. When you are done entering students, click on the Save button.

  • If you selected Tonight in step one, the nightly Analyzer process will calculate the gpa for these student.
  • If you selected Now in step one, Analyzer will calculate the gpa of the selected students immediately.