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This window is in the menu Functions \ IS Utilities \ Attribute Values (near the bottom of the menu list). We use this space to manage how course attributes interact with the WUachieve Degree Audit System.


A dropdown of all course attribute values. They are in no specific order.

References the CD (division) in which WUachieve will load/use the course attribute information. More info on WUachieve config here.


  • Attribute, this type of record will generate a course list in the specified CD. This course list is semester-based and will be refreshed overnight each night. The WUachieve administrator can then reference this course list in degree/program requirements within the specified CD. More info on attributes as course lists here.
  • Repeat, this type of record will populate the repeat table for the specified CD. More info on repeatable courses here.
  • Subvalue, this type of record will generate pseudocourses with units equaling the course attribute subvalue for each semester course. These pseudocourses are then flagged with a course condition code in WUachieve. (See Subvalue Cond Code below.) Do not use this functionality unless in communication with the WUachieve administrator. More info on pseudocourses.

This is the name WUachieve will assign to the course list requirement. This field does not need to be populated for the Repeat and Subvalue types above.

Allows deactivation of load for specified course attribute if/when needed.

Subvalue Cond Code
Only used when type Subvalue is selected above. Do not use this functionality unless in communication with the WUachieve administrator. The condition code will need to be verified as unique and added to a table via the WUachieve client.

To add a new Record

  1. To create a new ID record click the “Add Row” or “Insert a New Row” button.
  2. Select the Atvid from the drop down box.
  3. Fill in a CD.
  4. Fill in a Regname
  5. The new record will default to Active.
  6. Enter a Subvalue Cond Code if needed.