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Window that allows the user to change the Faculty advisor assigned to a specific program. Change of faculty advisor means closing the old faculty advisor relationship (set end date), opening a new advisor relationship, updating the Advisor name field on the MP, and sending notifications. This process encapsulates these functions without providing direct access to the corresponding records.

Primary behavior is:

  1. Window open, a list of departments the user has access to is loaded into the “Select Department” box.
  2. User selects a department and a list of undergraduate programs that the user is allowed to change faculty advisor for is loaded into the main panel. Access for the user is controlled by the “Can Change Advisor” setting in the Program Coordinators window.
  3. User clicks the “Change Advisor” button on a row for a student. A Select Advisor window pops-up with advisors for that department. User can select advisor or cancel.
  4. On the select advisor option, user will be prompted to verify their choice. The prompt option can be disabled by unchecking the “Prompt to Confirm Advisor Change” box.
  5. On an advisor change, the previous Faculty advisor will be closed, the new advisor will be opened, the advisor name field on the MP will be changed, and notifications will be sent to the advisors depending on the settings in Program Characteristics.
  6. Available programs must be linked to the department in the Programs Maintenance window. Also, the Participate switch must be checked in Programs Characteristics.