Functions > Student Info > Class Schedule (maintenance)

(Note: See the Student Schedule report for a class schedule by semester with class meeting days/times, location, instructor, and final exam information.)

Course registrations for any semester can be maintained by authorized users for a given student using this Student Info function.

  • To add a course, select the semester and enter the dept, course and section/lab numbers, and units in the maintenance portion of the window. Use the drop-down list boxes to check on available grading options for that course, then Save. If the requested section and/or lab is full, deans’ offices have the ability to place the student at the top or bottom of the waitlist, or to enroll the student over the class limit (with the instructor’s or department’s permission).
  • To change variables on a course in which the student is either enrolled or waiting, click the Chg button for that course to bring it into the maintenance portion of the window, tab to the desired field and make your change, then Save.
  • To drop a course from the student’s schedule, click the Drop button and choose the appropriate Drop Code. Drops with a W and an F are typically used when the course is dropped after the end of the drop/add period in that semester for that division; these drops will print on an official transcript. Drops with a D will not print on a transcript but will show in SIS as evidence that the student was enrolled in that class at one point. If the effective date of the drop is to be something other than the date on which the drop action is taken, the dean’s office can specify a Drop Date; both the specified/effective date of the drop and the actual system date of the drop action will be reflected on the drop record for that course. An Operator Delete should only be used to remove an erroneous course entry, e.g., wrong course number used. The drop code of ‘R’ is automatically applied to an Operator Delete; Operator Deletes are purged on a nightly basis.
  • Clicking the Drop button on a waitlisted course will simply remove that student from the waitlist; no drop record will be maintained because the student was not enrolled in the course when the record was dropped. Note: students with an F1 visa cannot be dropped below fulltime status without permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars; these drops can only be done by the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Midterm and final grades are entered into SIS during each grading period by the course instructor using EGrades. Grades can also be entered manually by the deans’ offices. Grade changes not allowed though EGrades (degree candidates, prior semesters, etc) require a Special Grade Report. The SGR form number must be referenced in SISAdmin whenever a grade change is recorded. Re-usable SGR numbers are available upon request from the Office of the University Registrar. Grade change documentation (either the blue copy of the Special Grade Report form or other documentation) must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Note: changes that result in a lowered grade for the student should be accompanied by an explanation from the course instructor and notification to the student.


  • Undergraduate students can drop below 12 units prior to the end of the drop/add period. However, if they attempt to drop below 12 units after the drop add period, they are prevented from doing so. They see this message: “ERROR: Students in your division are not permitted to drop below 12 credit hours from WebSTAC at this point in the semester. Please contact the student services area in your school to discuss the situation. If approved, one or more courses may be dropped for you administratively.”
  • F1 undergrads see a different notice at WebSTAC if they try to drop below the INS fulltime units: “ERROR: As an F-1 student you are not allowed to drop below 12 credits. For information or to obtain authorization on an exceptional basis, please contact the Office for International Students and Scholars at Stix House.”
  • Graduate students are able to drop below the INS fulltime units number set by each division. When a student drops below INS full-time units at WebSTAC, he/she sees a message like this message: “Dropping below full-time status is not considered official without approval from the Office for International Students and Scholars. Please consult with that office at Stix House if you have dropped below full-time status. DROPPED: You have been dropped from E81 502N 01.”