Functions > Academic Plan > Curricular Course Attributes

Before an attribute is assigned to a course offered in a specific semester, that attribute should be assigned at the curriculum level. It is generally the case that curriculum attributes remain constant from semester to semester.

Because many of our systems feed directly from semester level assignment, it is our tendency to neglect the management of curricular attributes. Because the curriculum level provides a much more comprehensive picture of your course offerings, we strongly encourage anyone using attributes to maintain them at both levels. Curriculum attributes appear in the Bulletin.

Steps for adding attributes at the curriculum level:

1) Go to Functions>Academic Plan>Curricular Course Attributes.

2) Enter the appropriate school code (e.g. “E”) and department (e.g. E81).

3) Click Get Courses.

4) Click the “Approved” radio button and check the “Autosave on attribute assignment” checkbox.

5) On the left, find the appropriate course and click to highlight it.

6) Only your school’s attributes should appear in the right-hand pane.

7) Click on the appropriate attribute and drag it over to the left-hand pane.

8) The attribute should now appear in the listing to the left.

The Display Start and End dates plus the Use Start and End dates can be set manually set for each attribute, or you can set default start and end dates. When the “Use Default Dates in New Attribute” box is checked, all new attributes will be added with the default dates. Often times the start dates correspond the start of term.

If you need to see Curriculum courses that have been excluded from Curriculum/Bulletin, check the “Show Excluded Courses” box and then click the “Get Courses” button.