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Degree Dates is the name of the SISAdmin window that is used the create and edit Degree Dates (at_degree_dates). The data appears on transcripts, populates some drop down lists, and controls the functioning of the ITG process on the web. SISAdmin Window

  • The presence of a degree record controls the appearance of a semester in certain lists or drop-down controls:
  • The list of Major Program*Admitted and Terminated semesters is controlled by the presence of a Degree Date record.

The maintenance window is available on the IS Utilities menu as Degree Dates. All of the records in the table are displayed, order by sort semester with the most recent semester first. Use the Add Row or Insert Row button to create a new entry. A pop-up box will prompt for the semester. Only one row should be created for a semester. Normally a row is not deleted.

  • Graduation Dt – For Spring this is the Commencement date; for Summer and Fall this is the last day of classes in that term.
  • Degr Approval Dt – For Spring this is also the Commencement date; for Summer and Fall this is the Monday following either Board of Trustees approval of the degree candidate list or OSR’s review of the final degree lists for that term, typically early October (summer degrees) and mid-to-late January (fall degrees).
  • ITG Web Display Start, ITG Web Display Active, Filing Deadline, and ITG Web Display End – These settings control the Intent to Graduate displays for students at WebSTAC. Effective 10/2007, all three future graduation semesters should have active an web display. On the Degree Approval Date, OSR makes the current graduating semester’s ITG inactive on the web and the corresponding semester’s ITG for the following year active.

Note: the Degr Pickup Start and Degr Pickup End date controls are not currently in use.