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To upload grades, the following must be completed:

  1. Review/Update the WUCRSL Grader
  2. Create an import file
  3. Upload the import file into the EGrades Import Utility

WUCRSL Settings

The person uploading the file into the EGrades Import Utility must have the following settings in WUCRSL:

  • Listed as the Primary Instructor
  • Listed as the “Grader” (must have EGrades approval capability)
  • Set the % effort to zero
  • “Evaluate” should be unchecked

Please Note: You may need to consider these temporary settings that you are only making for the Egrades import. When finished, you can delete this person as the Grader. If you do not, this person will appear in Course Listings as a Primary Instructor and may roll-forward into the next corresponding semester.

File Specifications

  • Create an import file to be used to import grade information into the EGrades Import utility. The file must be submitted as a tab-delimited text file (filename.txt). The easiest method is to create your file first in Excel and then save it as a tab-delimited (.txt) file. The tab-delimited (.txt) file should NOT contain a header row.
  • One easy way to put together the data required for the import file is save the courses roster from SIS Admin as an Excel document. You can modify this document to fit the file parameters listed below.

Data Fields

All data fields below are required, except for Grade option, which is optional.

  • Student ID – the student ID
  • Sort Semester – this is a numeric representation of a semester and year, (e.g. 201705). See a description of Sort Semester
  • Session ID – this is a code number that represents session (subsemester) names like Regular (1), Law Term ND (19), Mini-A (3), (e.g. 3). See Sessions and Session IDs
  • School – this is the school where the home course is housed. Use the single letter school code, like A, B, L, E, W, etc. (e.g. B)
  • Department – home course department code (e.g. B65)
  • Course – home course number (e.g. 556A)
  • Section Number – home course section number. Leading zeros are necessary for sections numbered 01-09. (e.g. 01)
  • Section Type – section type code letter. Use the letter S for section (e.g. S)
  • Grade Type – grade type (mid-term M, final F) (e.g. F)
  • Grade – (e.g. A, B-, CR, F, U, L, etc.) (e.g. A)
  • Grade option – grade option letter for each student. Credit (C), Pass/Fail (P), Audit (A), etc. – (optional, leave blank or out of the file to default to course) (e.g. C)

Sample entry: 300006 201905 3 B B65 556A 01 S F A or 300006 202002 3 B B65 556A 01 S F A C

Uploading the Import File in SIS

  • To import EGrades go to Functions>Admin Functions>EGrades Import.
  • This window has the following functionality:
    • Prompts the user for an import file (Use the Browse button to find the file saved on your computer)
    • Allows the user to review and modify the information in the file prior to upload
    • Imported data is validated against the database for accuracy and will follow all existing EGrades buffer rules.
    • Displays any errors encountered during the upload process (NOTE: the invalid grade error will appear if the Display setting is not Yes for a given grade in the Grade Rules table for that student’s prime division.)
    • Gives the user the opportunity to correct and re-submit errors
    • Gives the user the option to save and/or print the error file

Because the person using this utility is listed as the Grader in WUCRSL, the grades are automatically approved at the time of import. In addition, emails are generated to any additionally linked instructors letting them know that grades have been entered and approved.