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Election Definition is the name of window in SISAdmin use to set up a new Student Election item.

Define the Election

  • Use the SISAdmin IS Utilities \ Election Definition window to add a new election. Give the election a name (look at previous records for a guide) and specify the start and end dates and the start and end times. Student Elections normally use a Ballot Type of Mult-Part Ballot. Special Elections or the Debate Lottery can specify a single HTML page as the ballot. As a safety measure the Active flag is usually left unchecked. The Election should be set up in both Test and Production.
  • Once the record is saved, note the ID number. This is the Election ID and it will be needed when building the ballot.

WebSTAC Elections are usually held twice a year; once in the spring semester and once in the fall. There may also be a Freshmen election in the fall. An officer of Student Union gives the ballot to Sue Hosack (Office of Student Records) who passes it on to the SIS group. The ballot information in the ballot is copied onto a number of ballot templates that are used to create the actual ballot that a student sees at WebSTAC.