Functions > Student Info > Email Address – Parent

This window provides a way to store and manage parent email address information.

Parent email information is obtained from the UA system when a student is admitted. When this happens the record will include the UA ID number and the date of the student’s deposit (Admin Notes field). Parent email addresses that were loaded in 2017 also came from ADIS.

Some students will have multiple rows if there are multiple parent email addresses – examples: two parents with different email addresses, a given parent with two addresses, more than two parents, etc. Some parents share a common email address in which case the student may have two email address records with different parent names but the same email address.

Parent email can also be updated updated by dean’s office users and the First Year Center.

There is a Relation field (Parent, Mother, Father), a Contact Restriction field (Do Not Contact, No Restriction, Official Business Only), an Obsolete checkbox and an Override checkbox.