Functions > IS Utilities > ERA Definition

Located at Functions> IS Utilities> ERA Definition, this is the window where the rules for which advisors by type must authorize students to register, also known as Electronic Registration Authorization (ERA).

Each school determines their ERA rules and OUR sets them up in SIS. The ERA definition window lets you enter a “Restriction” on how many advisors of a certain type must authorize a student before a student is fully cleared to register. This is how the “Restriction” field works:

  • At Least One = Example: assuming a student has two GR advisors – – only one of the two GR advisors needs to authorize the student. When this happens, the GR Advisor requirement is satisfied. Both GR Advisors can authorize a student, but it only takes one (the first one) to satisfy the requirement.
  • All = Example: assuming a student has two GR Advisors – – both GR Advisors must authorize the student before this requirement is met. If only one GR Advisor authorizes a student, the student won’t be fully authorized under the GR Advisor rule until both GR Advisors authorize a student.

Common questions:

Q1 from Dean’s Office: Do you know if someone has more than one program advisor will they need to have all of them approve for registration or could just 1 of them approve registration.

A1 from OUR: The same rules apply whether you have a Faculty Advisor, FYA, GR Advisor or Program Advisor. The rule can be set-up for At Least One advisor by type or All advisors by type to complete ERA.

Q2 from Dean’s Office: If there was a Program Advisor assigned along with a Faculty Advisor would they both have to approve for registration or would just the Faculty Advisor need to complete ERA?

A2 from OUR: If you have more than advisor type set-up under the ERA Definition window then both advisor types are required to authorize students for registration. Restriction (at least one or all) and Program Type would still need to be defined.

Advisor Types are created and maintained under Functions>IS Utilities>Code Table and then Advisor Type.