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Access to the educational records of Washington University students is provided to members of the administration and faculty on a need-to-know basis. Under FERPA, students have the right to restrict the disclosure of directory information (as defined in the university’s FERPA policy), however those information restrictions do NOT block access to the directory information on their educational record by authorized university personnel. Faculty and administrators with SISAdmin access are provided with this information as members of the university community with a legitimate educational interest. Directory information which has, however, been blocked from public release by the student may not be shared with anyone else without permission.

  • This window in SISAdmin shows the directory information settings the student has placed on their educational record.
  • ‘No’ in the Release Name box indicates that the student has blocked all directory information from public release, including their name and the fact that they are or ever were a WU student.
  • The I:X indicator on the title bar of any student window or report will tell you whether or not a student has placed a FERPA restriction on his/her records.

For more information, please review the university’s FERPA Policy , or call the University Registrar at 314-935-5567.