SISAdmin Reports > SISAdmin Report Tools > Filter

Pare down your list to include only those students who have a common data element among those appearing in that report. Click the Filter button (next to the Sort button), and enter an Expression that defines the population you want using the Columns and Operators tab tools. Examples: from the Students in Department report for department L01, Progcode = ‘LA01S3’ will give you all the Second Majors in Art History and eliminate everyone else on the L01 list; Progcode like ‘LA%’ will give you all the students whose MP codes begin with LA; Progcode in (‘LA01M1′,’LA01S3’) will give you a list of just the minors and second majors in Art History. Note : After writing and verifying your expression you can click on the Save button for an often used filter. When you return you simply need to use the filter window again and click on Recall.