Functions > Student Info > GPA

The GPA window contains three screens of data, accessed by window tabs:

  • The Summary tab lists unit and GPA totals for all semesters of WU enrollment.
  • The Detail tab displays current and cumulative unit and GPA information for each semester (use the scroll bar or VCR buttons to move from one semester detail to another).
  • The Graph tab shows a bar graph of the semester GPA’s for that student.

“Analyzer” is the name of the process by which grade point averages and earned unit totals are calculated. Analyzer is triggered by either MP changes or final grade changes on the student’s record, and when triggered recalculates automatically in a nightly batch process. Analyzer rules vary by and are defined by each academic division. The student’s prime division determines which set of rules are applied when calculating GPA and cumulative unit totals.

The Analyzer process also presumes graduate, evening, and undergraduate coursework to be separate bodies of work, and will group semesters accordingly. The student who, for example, earns an undergraduate degree, then a graduate degree, and then returns again to take evening coursework will have three distinct sets of GPA and cumulative unit calculations. At the recommendation of the dean’s office, an Analyzer Override may be applied to a particular student by the Office of the University Registrar to force the inclusion or exclusion of certain semesters’ coursework in the student’s GPA.