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A Hold on a student’s record in SIS reflects an administrative action taken by a specific office of the university indicating that there is a problem which requires resolution. The SISAdmin Holds window will show all current Holds on that student’s record, the specific type of Hold, the name of the person/process that placed that Hold, and the date/time which that Hold was added to the student’s record.

  • One or more Holds placed on a student’s record in SIS will prevent that student from being able to register or add/drop classes at WebSTAC, and will block the release of an official transcript.
  • Holds are placed and released by a variety of offices and are the sole responsibility of the office that placed them. One office may not release a Hold placed by another office, even temporarily, without permission from that other office. The Comments field may be used to provide contact or reference information regarding resolution of the Hold.
  • Various maintenance windows in SISAdmin (including Student Info > Class Schedule) will indicate with special messaging that a student has a Hold on their record. Users with update capability must honor any Holds placed by another office, and check with that office to see if their action is permissible before making changes.

The “H:” flag on the title bar of any SISAdmin window/report for a given student record will indicate if that individual has one or more Holds currently on their record. “H:1” on title bar means that the student has one Hold, “H:2” indicates two Holds, etc. Most students have no Holds and the indicator will be “H:0”.

Use the Academic Actions Report (in the Student Records report group) to see all Holds an individual student either currently has or has had in the past, or a list of all students with a specific type Hold (Student Accounting, etc.).