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Institutions is the name of an SISAdmin window used to maintain information on high schools, colleges and universities.

The important data fields are:

  • SIS ID: in_id_no (int) – Primary Key. Identity column
  • UA ID: inst_no (int) – nullable and not the Primary Key. Probably a legacy from mainframe
  • Type: inst_type (char(1)) – C= College, H=High School
  • Name: institution name (odd abbreviations from the old CEEB code import can be overridden here) (varchar(50))
  • CEEB Code: college_id (char(6)) – Unique institutions ID – the CEEB code per
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • FICE
  • ACT
  • DHE
  • ATP
  • Address
  • Zip
  • Phone