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Set of windows and processes in WebSTAC and SISAdmin that allows a student to declare a Major Program and have it approved by the appropriate admins.

This is the primary window for acting on student requests for a program. It is intended for department admins and DUSs.

Primary behavior is:

1. Window opens and outstanding (open) requests are shown for the department admins program.

2. In the Student Information Section:

  • Shows student name, SIS ID, Prime Division and Level.
  • Shows requested action and and program.
  • Provides access to the student’s Internal Record, even if admin would not otherwise have access.
  • In some cases, admin can make minor changes to the request through the Change Program button

3. Advisor Section:

  • If program allows a student to request advisor, that choice is displayed.
  • Allows admin to Select advisor from managed list of department advisors
  • Indicates if advisor assignment is required.

4. Approval Section:

  • Approve button will trigger the completion of the requested action and send notifications.
  • Deny will mark the request as denied and send notifications.
  • Once the approval is done the information who did and when will show in this area.

5. Status Section:

  • A user friendly status indicator.

6. Memo Section:

  • Administrative memo
  • Request ID and last change information.