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Special notations may be entered on a student’s SIS record using a Milestone. The drop-down list box provides various messages which may be used, as well as things like “Notes:” to which the dean’s office can provide Comments that describe the situation or action.

  • The Display on Transcript settings will default to ‘Yes’ on all Milestones except those with codes that are numbered 8xxx or 9xxx, but can be overridden by the dean’s office on a case by case basis.
  • Leave of Absence (medical or other) should be noted with a Milestone in the semester for which that leave was granted.
  • The Loss of Student Status milestone (MSN 0099) should be used for any student who withdraws during an academic term for which some coursework has already been completed. Typically, this is used for medical and executive MBA students who enroll a YRxx semester of work, but it can/should also be used for any student who completes a sub-semester or mini-term course and then had to withdraw. The comment field on this record should contain the date the student withdrew from the University.
  • Milestones can also be used to provide course topic information on things like Independent Study or Research. Type the dept number of the course (F20, etc.) in the Action Type field and the Course Number in the Action ID field to associate the notation with the SIS course record. These notations will print on an official transcript with the course unless marked otherwise.

Use the Academic Actions Report on the SISAdmin Reports menu to view a history of all milestones an individual student has/had, or a listing of all students with a specific milestone.

Note regarding milestones for students in the Doctor of Medicine program

SIS milestones do NOT follow the same rules for display on official transcripts for the MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. The medical student transcript (MT) has been designed to prevent random milestones from displaying. Thus, the conventional SIS milestones should only be marked to NOT display to transcript (and even if you do mark them to display to transcript, they won’t.) This means the conventional SIS milestones are for internal use and informational purposes only.

A limited number of special milestones are designed to print out to the medical transcript, and they are listed below. MT milestone codes and notes:

2000MT_BEGINNINGThis milestone note/comment will print at very START of transcript.
2001MT_LEVEL_1This milestone note/comment prints at end of level 1 course section.
2002MT_LEVEL_2This milestone note/comment prints at end of level 2 course section.
2003MT_LEVEL_3This milestone note/comment prints at end of level 3 course section.
2004MT_LEVEL_4This milestone note/comment prints at end of level 4 course section.
2005MT_ENDThis milestone note/comment will print at END of transcript; this milestone will force the words “SPECIAL NOTES:” to display on a line immediately above where the MT END milestone note/comment will print. Looks nice, and because of that, this milestone is often selected as the preferred MT milestone to use for making special annotations to the record that are important.
2006MT_SAPThis milestone note/comment prints at VERY END, after Stndrd Acad Periods which is the section that displays date ranges of each academic year.