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AP/Advanced Placement credits, transfer credits accepted by WU, and coursework taken abroad are all recorded in SIS as Other Credit records. The deans’ offices determine which credits are acceptable and may exercise limitations defined by that school on the amount of transfer and AP credit that may be applied toward a WU degree.

  • On all transfer and study abroad work, the college or university from which those courses were transferred must be recorded. Use the shadow box to search for the name of the institution (the % is a wildcard value on all searches in SISAdmin). Note that this is a College Board code list and some school names are abbreviated.
  • Please note the ‘Study Abroad’ field on the Other Credit record. The ‘Yes’ setting is looking for a corresponding L99 course on the student’s Class Schedule in that term; if found, those Other Credit courses will print on an official transcript together with the L99 placeholder as semester coursework. IMPORTANT NOTE: At present, L99’s are the only corresponding courses which the ‘Study Abroad’ setting is looking for; without an L99 registration in that term, those Other Credit courses will not display on an official transcript. Use the Study Abroad ‘No’ setting to have Other Credit records appear in the Remarks section of the official transcript.
  • The Degree Audit Use field offers 6 choices in the drop down listbox: AP/IB, Proficiency, CLEP, Exclude from WUachieve, Total Prematriculation Credit, and Transfer.
  • The undergraduate day divisions may cap pre-matriculation credit to a 15-unit maximum (LA uses L43-9999 for this).
  • Elective credits are often entered by the schools using course numbers such as 1ELE, 2ELE, 3ELE, 4ELE, etc., with the leading character in the course number indicating the level of the elective credit (1st year, 2nd year, etc.) to facilitate easier reporting and correct application of that credit in a degree audit.

Data Fields

field screen labelformatdatabase fieldNotes
SemesterText (6)oc_semester
WU Course DeptText (3)oc_dept_code
WU Course Crs No.Text (7)oc_crs_no
AP Unitsoc_ap_units
Design Unitsoc_Design_Units
Topics Unitsoc_Topics_Units
Orig Gradeoc_Original_Grade
Institution Nametable lookup to at_institutions per CEEB Code (oc_credit_from)
SIS Titletable lookup to Title (TITL) file
Other Titleoc_Course_Title
Study Abroadoc_Study_Abroad
Counts For ArtScioc_Count_In_Artsci_Curriculum
Schooloc_commentsscreen label does not reflect db field name
Commentsoc_Institutionscreen label does not reflect db field name
Degree Audit Useoc_degreeaudit_type
(not shown)oc_sch_code
(not shown)oc_seq_no
(not shown)oc_type