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This password window in SISAdmin was created when the SIS ID together with a Password were used for login to the various SIS systems, before WUSTL Key authentication.

Today a WUSTL Key Notification email is designed to go out to a student with a recently opened major program. That includes students brand new to the university, students with an existing WUSTL Key that have not had an open program within the last year, and students returning that do not have a WUSTL Key. As long as their student record has the personal email keyed in SISAdmin under the administrative codes, this process is basically automatic. Students are sent (via email) information about setting up their WUSTL Key (ID, password, and secret questions) prior to their arrival on campus, typically when their SIS record is created; the email text is customized for various populations of students and academic programs. If the student forgets his/her WUSTL Key ID or password, he/she only needs to click on the forgotten ID/password link on the logon screen for assistance.

As an alternative to the automatic notification process, a temporary password can still be set up using this window and will redirect to WUSTL Key provisioning. Users with update capability on this SISAdmin window only need to type in the desired temporary password (this is important because of the encryption on the old system-assigned passwords). Using their Student/SIS ID together with this temporary password, the student (or faculty member) can initially log into WebSTAC (or WebFAC) and will be prompted to create their WUSTL Key credentials. No automatic email notice with an activation url is sent using this alternative method. We typically use this temp ID process for alums that have a need to access their student record, but are not returning. Once a WUSTL Key has been activated, the password detail on this screen becomes obsolete; the value displayed is NOT the WUSTL Key password.

The WUSTL Key Creation Status report in SISAdmin (in the School report group) provides lookup capability on pending activations.

Questions about the WUSTL Key should be directed to WUSTL Connect Help.

NOTE: The WUP ID displayed on this window is that individual’s wupeople ID which is used as a key field in several databases, including the university’s Identity Management system.