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This maintenance window was used heavily before the WUSTL Key was introduced. It is now used by former students, instructors and alumni who need to login to WebSTAC or WebFAC, but do not have a WUSTL Key and would potentially use old SIS credentials (SIS ID and password).

Former students, alumni and faculty will click on the new forgotten password link on the logon screen even if they have not yet set up a Passphrase or have no email address in the SIS system. These requests will show up in SISAdmin on the PW Replacement Manager. OUR staff will works the Manager list several times a day to reset and issue password information to these people using the best address available (preferably e-mail).

In April 2015, a new method replaced the old Password Replacement process since most password requests on the Password Replacement Manager list come from alumni without a wustl key. A new wustl key setup email was created to respond to alumni password requests. The steps for sending a wustl key setup email to an alumus is as follows:

  • Add email address to Admin Codes page (Functions, Student Info, Admin Codes, add a row and select Personal Email Address from drop down menu)
  • Find wustl key setup email form (Functions, Student Info, Wustl key)
  • Select “alumni_wo_wustlkey” form from drop down menu and save
  • Click Create New Activation Email button and make sure row is highlighted blue which means selected
  • Click Email Selected Row
  • The email is sent immediately and the Process Status field changes from New to Done