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This functionality has not been fully developed and should not be used without first consulting the Office of the University Registrar.

Prerequisite Edit is the name of the SISAdmin tool that is used to create the specific prerequisites for a course. It is located in the Functions \ Admin Functions menu. There are panels within the window that specify the details:

Requirements Schema – A Schema is defined for a single course. A history of schemas can be kept and reviewed. But only one schema should active for any given period. Schema activity is controlled through Effective Start and Effective End Dates.

Requirement Lines – Each Schema is composed of one of*Lines. A Line is best thought of a single requirement (although that requirement may have multiple parts).

  1. Line Cnt: The number of Requirement Lines that must be OK to satisfy the schema. If all Lines are mandatory then Line Cnt should equal the number of Requirement Lines. If the number of Lines is greater than the Line Cnt, then there should be 1 or more non-mandatory Lines. For example: You might have 5 Requirement Lines. 2 are mandatory and the person must complete 1 of the remaining 3. In such a case, the Schema Line Cnt value would be 3.
  2. Instruct Perm: This defines the role of the instructor. Values are:
  • Required: Instructor permission is required to take the course. This can be done without the need for Lines and Items.
  • Override: Instructor is allowed to waive the requirements.