SISAdmin Reports > SISAdmin Report Tools > Send E-Mail

Send a group e-mail message to all or a portion of the students on your list. (1) select those students to whom you want to send a note (Control/click to highlight selected students, Shift/click to define a range of students). (2) from the drop-down listbox, click on Send E-Mail, then click the Produce button. The SIS E-mail box will appear and insert the selected students’ e-mail addresses in the To: box, and your e-mail address in the From: and cc: boxes. (3) Type in your subject and the body of your note (don’t try any attachments here – they probably won’t work), then click Send; or (4) use the File – Save functions from the menu bar to save this set of e-mail addresses into a text file on your PC that you can import to your own e-mail tool or address book.