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This is the maintenance window used for tracking special grade report (SGR) forms, from the moment blank forms are checked out to users and given to instructors, from the time the filled out forms are returned to the dean’s offices in order for the grade changes to be made in SIS. OUR used to also use this window to verify and mark each SGR as “reviewed”; that step is now obsolete 6/21/2018.

Grades that have posted to student’s records in SIS may be changed at any time. In many cases, instructors have the option to change previously posted grades using the EGrades app. However, there are restrictions that prevent instructors from using EGrades to make certain grade changes. These restrictions are:

  • The grading option may not be changed (Credit to Pass-fail, etc.).
  • Grade changes cannot be made for students who are degree candidates in the semester for which grades are being submitted/approved.
  • Grade changes cannot be made for students who have graduated or no longer have open programs in SIS.
  • Grade changes can only be made during the current open grading period.

When using EGrades for grade changes is not an option, three-part carbonless NCR paper Special Grade Report (SGR) forms must be used. The purpose of the form is to collect relevant information about the student and the grade change so that a dean’s office has what it needs to make a grade change administratively in SIS.

Basic SGR Workflow for Single Form Usage

1. Dept/school administrators must come to OUR to checkout blank sequentially numbered SGR forms.

2. During the checkout process, OUR must log the range of blank SGR numbers into SIS.

  • Only SGR forms that have been checked out by OUR can be used for grade change data entry by dean’s offices.
  • The process begins when an OUR staff member goes to SIS>Functions>Admin Utilities>Special Grade Reports and records the range of SGR numbers checked out by an individual.
  • The following must be recorded in SIS about the person checking out the forms:
    • Name
    • SSN or ID number
    • Date SGRs checked out
    • Department or School
    • The range of SGR numbers checked out (beginning number to ending number)

3. The course instructor obtains SGR forms as needed from dept/school administrator.

4. SGR form is completed and signed by the instructor indicating course, student, and grade change requested. The academic department keeps the pink copy of the form and sends the attached white and blue copies to their dean’s office for data entry into SIS.

5. The dean’s office enters the grade change in SIS. a. The SGR form number must be entered into SIS when the grade change is made. b. The grade change cannot be saved without the SGR number.

6. After the grade change is made in SIS, the dean’s office initials the form, keeps the white copy for its files and sends the blue copy to OUR.

7. OUR files and retains all blue copies.

Basic SGR Workflow for Bulk Grade Changes

In certain circumstances grade changes must be made for large numbers of students. Rather than require a department or instructor to fill out SGR forms for lots of students, there is a process by which a single SGR number (called a “re-usable” or “R-number”) can be used to make as many grade changes as needed for multiple students at the same time. A re-usable SGR is only valid for 24 hours from the first time it is used for grade change The process is as follows:

1. School administrator contacts OUR for a re-usable SGR number.

  • Re-usable SGR numbers start with the letter R (e.g. R1181, R1182).
  • Re-usable SGR numbers may only be assigned to and used by dean’s offices.

2. OUR assigns the R-number to the requestor and logs the data into SIS in the same way as she/he would for a single SGR form.

  • There is no actual paper form that accompanies a re-usable SGR, it is simply an assigned number.

3. When a dean’s office is finished with a re-usable SGR, it is required to send OUR documentation including the grade changes that were made. This is usually an excel document containing the same information that would have been supplied with a single SGR paper form (student name, ID#, semester, course, new grade, old grade, etc).

5. The documentation for R-numbers is stored and retained by OUR.