Functions > Student Info > Status

The Status window in SISAdmin provides a quick summary of information about a student. Data is refreshed on a nightly basis. (Note: the format of this window was originally designed to mimic that of a similar display in the old mainframe SIS.)

Upper Panel:

  • Divisions
    • PrimeJoint 1 and Joint 2 are set when a change is made to the student’s Major Program record
  • Financial & Misc
    • Financial Holds
    • Bankruptcy
    • Information Hold
    • Dean Flag
  • Dates
    • Last Activity is set to the current date each time a change is made to the student’s Major Program, Other Credit, or Degree Info records
    • Last Enrolled is set when a course is added in a semester greater than the current semester; the date shown reflects the start date of the semester
    • Semester Applied
    • Posted FY
    • Late fee waived for this semester

Middle Panel:

  • Open Major Programs are listed with detail from the student’s Major Program record

Lower Panel:

  • Enrollment Status Data detail (current or last) reflects the NSC table in SIS from which official enrollment status is reported.
  • Is current WU FT Employee is set by a batch process from the HRMS/HCM system
  • Picture displayed is the campus ID Card photo