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Student Level is used as a shorthand reference to indicate how far along a student is. Level is calculated as part of the GPA analyzer process and is based on the number of Units earned. Level is displayed as part of the title bar on student-based windows in SISAdmin.

For undergraduates level is often thought of as:

  • Level: 1-2 First-Year (0-30 units)
  • Level: 3-4 Sophomore (31-60 units)
  • Level: 5-6 Junior (61-90 units)
  • Level: 7-8 Senior (91-120 units)

For graduate students, level is less meaningful.

Student level is not always the best way to determine a student’s classification year. Level can be somewhat murky because many undergraduates arrive with AP/IB credits. A first semester first-year student may arrive on campus as a level 2 even though he or she has not taken any WU classes. A transfer student may arrive with a lot of units, but not the right kind of units that make him/her a junior, for example. Often times other criteria such as semester of entry or frozen cohort may need to be used in place of level.