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The System Control File (STCF) Grid controls various registration functions and deadlines. It is a division table. Much of the information on the grid like, the valid grading options, unit limits, full-time minimum, registration dates, and drop/add deadlines can be also be seen in the STCF.

The STCF Grid has two tabs of data:

1. System Dates tab:

  • The Active column in the STCF grid partially controls ERA. The Active column control setting (Yes or No) is a master control for the division ERA record and for WebSTAC registration in general.
  • “Grade Options” column: This is the master control for grade options by division. In WUCRSL, a course can have all three valid grade options allowed (CPA), but this control in the STCF will limit what grade options are allowed for students by division during registration. For example, in WUCRSL MBA courses allow all grading options (default) so that students from other divisions taking these classes can/will get the Credit option by default per the STCF for their div.

2. Priority Date Times tab:

  • “Active” column: Set from “No” to “Yes” at the same time you set the switch in the “Display Priority Date” column (see below). Be sure to refer to prior semester settings for an understanding of which divisions should be “Yes” and which should be “No”. If this flag is set to No on the day students try to register, the following message appears in WebSTAC, “This semester is not valid for WebSTAC registration according to your division. Please check the STAC registration system.”
  • “Display Priority Date” column: Set to “Yes” (which means active)–only after the old priority datetimes have been cleared and preferably, but not necessarily, after the new priority datetimes have been loaded by the undergrad lottery, Law lottery, etc. If this flag is set to No, the following message will appear in WebSTAC, “Your registration date and time for FL2009 has not been assigned yet.” Even if there is a priority date assigned, when the flag is set to “No,” the message will appear as if no priority date has been set. Students can still enroll for courses in WebSTAC if this column is set to “No”, that is assuming all other control settings are correct. This setting only controls the display of the priority date.
  • The Priority datetimes will not display on WebSTAC if the “Display Priority Datetime” switch on the STCF is NOT active (Yes)