The University of Missouri at St. Louis and Washington University in St. Louis Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program combines strengths of the two universities to provide a flexible engineering program for the St. Louis community. Students in the joint program take the pre-engineering core of mathematics, physics, chemistry, humanities, social sciences, and some engineering subjects through the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Students take upper-level engineering courses and laboratories at Washington University in the evenings. Students register through the University of Missouri-St. Louis and pay University of Missouri-St. Louis fees, plus an engineering fee for both pre-engineering and engineering courses. Additional information is available online.

This program is coordinated and managed by the School of Engineering (SEAS) with some assistance from the registrars at both UMSL and WU.

New student records are created in SIS either manually (by SEAS) or using a batch file generated by UMSL and provided to WUIT.

Course registrations each semester are entered into SIS either manually (by SEAS) or though the Registration Upload function in SISAdmin (by the University Registrar). Excel files are sent from UMSL by email to SEAS and the University Registrar whenever enrollment is needed. Preparation of the file for upload to SIS is done by the by the University Registrar and includes the following steps:

  • import the UMSL file to Access (Sue’s adhoc miscellaneous folder) as UMSL1, UMSL2, etc.
  • modify the UMSL Registration Upload query to read the new file and join it with the other table in the query; execute the query
  • save query output to Excel; strip off the two UMSLID columns and the header row, reformat the course units column as a 1-decimal number, then save the file in tab-delimited text format (filename.txt)
  • upload to SIS using the SISAdmin Registration Upload function (Functions > Admin Functions > Registration Upload)
  • work with SEAS to resolve errors

Note: students enrolled in the UMSL Joint Engineering Program are excluded from the 4th and 10th week enrollment reports of Washington University students, and are not reported under IPEDS.